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Sunday, January 30, 2005

EFF's HDTV-PVR Cookbook

Cooking with EFF: KnoppMyth r5a5 and pcHDTV for DTV Liberation because they want to Kill P2P to Save TV.

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a cookbook to guide you in assembling your own personal video recorder (PVR) with KnoppMyth r5a5 and pcHDTV.

Why? Because the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires all future digital television (DTV) tuners to include "content protection" (aka DRM or "Digital_rights_management") technologies. Starting July 1, 2005, all makers of HDTV receivers must build their devices to watch for a broadcast "flag" embedded in programs by copyright holders.

However, despite the manufacturing ban, existing equipment will continue to work (and to be lawful to possess and operate); it will be immune from the restrictions imposed on future equipment. That means that the equipment you can buy today is more functional and more useful than what you may be able to buy after July 1, 2005. Start Cooking!

and the New York Times looks at the simmilar issue with : Steal This Show

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