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Monday, January 24, 2005

More Alastair Reynolds : Beyond the Aquila Rift

Being a big Fan of Alastair Reynolds and his universe of 'Revelation Space', 'Chasm City', 'Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days', 'Redemption Ark', and 'Absolution Gap', I happy to report a few new things:

His new standalone novel 'Century Rain' is out in Fine bookstores, and Amazon USA.

He also has a new story, 'Beyond the Aquila Rift', in Constellations , edited by Peter Crowther, an anthology of 15 original short stories by British Authors (Eric Brown, Paul McAuley, Brian Aldiss..) now available in Northern America (and in paperback!)

He is giving the "Hal Clement Memorial Science Speaker" at Boskone 42 (February 18-20, 2005).

You could allways check out his WebSite, while waiting for this yet unpublished novel 'Chasing Janus' (expected it to be re-named) in, maybe, Oct 2005, or read on-line reprints of several stories : 'A Spy in Europa'; 'Spirey and the Queen'; or 'Fresco'.


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