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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Adactio Elsewhere : the power of web API's + XML

Adactio (Jeremy Keith) has built Adactio Elsewhere - using the power of alphabet soup, in this case: PHP5, Web Services, XML, XSL, OPML, RSS, JavaScript, DOM Scripting, Ajax, XHTML and CSS - to gather piece of his info into one Personal Portal Page.

How? Short answer : Restful API's such as Amazon , Flickr, and Upcoming, returning XML parsed by PHP5's superb new DOM functions, and styled by XSL/CSS . A nice dollop of progressive enhancement with Ajax for spice.

Very Slick. Very Powerful. Let's take a peek...

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Richard MacManus at Read/Write Web talks about Pulling the pieces together

plus: workhabit notes some XmlHttpRequest Libraries (JavaScript), and very nice Enhanced Form Widgets experiment, and Styled form controls

Link Back: Your Welcome, Colin "Relapse" Morris' Cupboard.

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