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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Using nested elements to show Weighted Tag Lists

Tantek cleans up the Technorati Tags home page using nested <em> elemets in a unordered list, rather than raw <font> elements and font-sizes.

Interesting post in that it also showed the process he went though (one of the points of blogging). Why, for example, he chose <em> rather that <big> and <small> as suggested by Joe Clark. Answer : <em> adds semantic weight, it's also 1 letter shorter.

So what to call the result? I had been thinking of Tag Maps (similar to Topic Maps), Matthew Mullenweg sometimes calls them "heat maps" , Joe Clark calls the "Weighted Lists", although "Semantic Weighted Lists" could work too, but might start the whole Semantic Web fight again. Weighted Tag Lists?


Update:1) Tantek has kindly linked back to me, and some other addtional commentary. 2) Firasd pipes in with Semantics in Markup of Ranked Tag Lists, and argues for a two column table of data (Tag Name and Significance), with is correct use of the table emlement, and then applies various CSS styles to get the desired effects as demonstrated. This has the bonus of being a bit more informed if the CSS is disabled or fails.

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