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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Folksonomies In and Flickr on Slashdot

Welcome Slashdoters! To those complaining about the grammar and such:

  • Please read it slowly..
  • Yes, I should have broken up that big compound sentence (It would never have never gotten past my yak comber). In my defense see use of semi comas, but I likely got it wrong.
  • I'm sorry I used too many unfamiliar and big words, I was trying to be compact. I did define Folksonomies in the submission.
  • And you should have seen the initial 5 versions! (I am editing "this" several times even after I hit the "publish" button)
  • joebetoblame figured out What is and Flickr

more : Wikipedia attributes "Folksonomy" to Thomas Vander Wa,
Beyond Laser Tag and Telephone Tag: "The Year of Tagging" and Keith Devens hints at something to come.


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  • Hey, I posted that three minutes before that guy, and still you mention him first. Is that fair? ;-)

    As for the wishes at the end of your posting, solutions(?) are offered by (when it's up, that is, which I hope it'll be soon again).

    In short, when you submit a new URI, it allows you to point and click to add both all the tags you've already used, and also the tags most people have used to described the URI you're bookmarking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:26 PM  

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