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Saturday, December 11, 2004

The New Web UI and Blogger Tags

Charles Miller aka The Fishbowl comments on a brief Joel Spolsky remark about Google's Suggest : the XmlHttpRequest technique, as displayed in Gmail, and Google Suggest, represents a new level in Rich Web UI's.

Give that I've recent linked to DWR (Direct Web Remoting) and (more important) On GMail and DHTML architecture again this is not new news.

I expect that some of this is due to the skills of Chris Wetherell (also of Dealership fame) and I expect even greater things now that youngpup (Aaron Boodman) has joined them.

From what I've read (or incorecctly inferred) within the Blogosphere, I know improvements are comming in Blogger. Some of these are going to be internal to the Blogger enviroment, but I think it might now be be possible with this kind of technique to give a Blogger site some kind of tag catergoring ( style) with the processing done via javascript? Anything to say Chris or Aaron?

Apart from this, the bar has been raised for Web Apps. We have a lot of learning (and rebuilding) to do folks!

Update"Matt Raible has picked up on it too, with some comments about the XmlHttpRequest code used in Roller and a link to Toronto's own Brent Ashley who wrote some Remote Scripting code in 2000!

Also Matt has now linked to Using the XML HTTP Request object via Carl Fyffe.

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