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Monday, May 02, 2005

Geobloggers : Flickr + Google Maps Remix

is the lastest remix in this case: Flickr + Google Maps.

Basically by either adding 3 tags to your Flichr photo, "geo:lat=xx.xxxx", "geo:lon=xx.xxxx" and "geotagged", or If your camera records the GPS data in the Exif headers, then tag your photo with "geocoded".

2 notes: He's using the Flickr RSS feed not the API and talks about pulling " feeds for geotagged" items. Great for restaurant reviews maybe? Tourist maps? (see First We'll Map Manhattan!! for other crazy suggestions).

I've geoblogged one flickr image for "Here" ,but no joy yet. Frel! Can't make it work. My Turing Rating must be at a all time low! Joy!

Lazyweb request:I wonder how hard it would be to whip up a script to show any Geobloggers (GeoFLickr/GmapFlickr/?) images for my current Google map? You would need to figure out the longitude and latitude of the current map then ask GeoBloger or FLickr and Map the results. Done! (I love it when a plan comes together!)

Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets and Dougal Campbell's Geek ramblings:Google Maps Lat/Long Bookmarklet for a head start.

Updated: Now with 90% Automation

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