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Friday, August 19, 2005

The new and (un)improved False Positives!

I've Moved over to so update your bookmarks and web / rss feed! (I beleive the Feedburnerfeed is switched)

all the "old" content is here, till I import it (somehow).

I've still got a lot of learning and hacking to do, but its happening.

I expect the only changes here will be changes to the template.

It's dead Jim! (and yes I'm using the forbiden blink tag)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Word of the Day: parsimonious Word of the Day: parsimonious : frugal to excess.

not applying to anyone I know... ;)

Sushi Lessons

via Dan Gillmor's blog we have Noriko Takiguchi's series of Sushi Lessons "How to eat sushi properly".

A gentle guide to the novice and those eager to learn more - history, etiquette, foodie isum, and plus a little San Francisco Bay / Silicon Valley Area sushi restaurant guide in 5 parts (so far). Parts inculde: 1 : read the signs, 2: some history; 3: The Encounter, 4: The order, 5: about soy sauce. The comments and responses are also well worth reading.

Looking forward to more on this and other "Living Japanese in Silicon Valley." topics. and it provides a counterbalance to Ontario's Sushi Wars madness last year (resolved). Tags: ; Technorati Tags:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

FalsePositives update

I'll be moving this Blog to over the course of this month (actually very very soon-ish). This will effect feeds, email and such. Wish me luck! Stay tune .....not yet...

update it's happening and this content at, but still much to do (learn/break)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Rodney Dangerfield of Software

Jon Udell on Respecting Lotus Notes:

* Security
* User empowerment
* Hybrid data model

What not to like?

also on Ed Brill. Remember : It Just Works! Tags:
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DWL bought by IBM


I almost worked with DWL (coulda/woulda/shoulda?) back at the end of the gold rush, and knew a bunch of people there, once, doing there thing with Lot of Big Blue software. I think they are all scattered now.