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Monday, February 21, 2005

Marketing as if the Customer Matters.

Robert Scobleizer rips a MS marketing droid a new one for disrespectting his customers, in "No RSS? No downloads? No interaction? Fake content? You're fired!", which has some interesting comments, including a link to RSS for Journalists (Here's my own attempts:What's a RSS News Aggregator? and Explaining RSS to your Boss)

Also mmeiser (Michael Meiser) makes some good points in "Blogging, wereWhere the tire meets the road, where marketing meets reality", and Dana observers Site Stickiness is Dead and links to Corporate Blogging Roadblocks.

Marketing that does not treat the Customer as King (or CEO) is over. Cute is over. Useful and Time saving is in. Impostors will be revealed.

The Economist dubbed "the Scobleizer" as "Chief humanising officer" earlier this month.

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  • Thanks for linking to me. I don't always proof read everything I put on my backchannel blog. (It's suppose to be dirty right?) However when I fixed the glaring error in the title bloger changed the url.

    The proper url is

    It's suppose to be "where blogging meets the road" not "were blogging..." Pretty bad. I should atleast proof read the titles.

    I'll get a redirect page up there.


    By Blogger Michael Meiser, at 12:36 AM  

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