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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Looking for FireFox / Mozilla extensions for and Technorati

Via Phil Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog, Wouldn't it be useful / neat to finding commentaries on the current page, or at least who else is referring to this page, this URL?

There is an extension for, which it not working for me (the sidebar results are not clickable) and which is backward to what I want. I don't what to see want my links are but who has linked to what I'm browsing now.

No sign of any Technorati extension, which would show the results of a technorati search on the current page and allow me to open (same tab, new tab, new window: configurable) to read that commentary.

Google or some other trackback mechanism could also be used as a source of tracking commentaries.

Update: Aaron Boodman, aka youngpup, seems to think my little brain fart doesn't totally blow chucks! And he has the coding chops to pull it off ( in his spare time from this other job).

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