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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Synthetic Serendipity

Via SlashDot is a Vernor Vinge's adapted short story from his upcoming novel Rainbows End : Synthetic Serendipity

Very yummy. Vernor is both a CompSci / Math professor (From 1972 to 2000 SDSU) and a well know SfiFi author with a bunch of critical works like the short story "True Names" (in a collection of similar name), and such novels as "Marooned in Realtime", "A Fire Upon the Deep", and "A Deepness in the Sky". Get thee to the book store now if thee has not read'th of them!

The new Short is part of a IEEE spectrum special report called Sensor Nation, and includes a detailed s follow-up piece, "Mike Villas's World."

also, behind un protected url's, are other gems :

  • We like to watch
  • Sensors & Sensibility

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