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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

ill-Liberal copyright reform intends to end Fair Use Freebies

Via TechDirt comes word that my federal MP Sarmite Bulte thinks that the "user rights" established under the Copyright - known as exceptions, that allow users to freely use portions of copyrighted work for such things as research, private study, news reporting, and criticism - lead to "freebies.

It looks like Bulte's committee is trying to narrow Fair Use to it's most limited interpretation - if not eliminate it altogether.

Is this another example of politicians fixing the law?

Perhaps she can spend some of her summer reading up on The Creative Commons and Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture.

I talked to her yesterday. I'm thinking I should try to get another word with her. Given it's "Election Night in Canada", it's my best chance for ~4 years.

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