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Monday, June 07, 2004

Handy Thematic Checklist

Via Hack the Planet:

[ ] The Singularity
[ ] Inscrutable artifacts abandoned by post-humans
[ ] Humanity oppressed by condescending post-humans
[ ] Humans vs. post-humans
[ ] Longing to return to the abandoned/destroyed Earth
[ ] Uploads/Downloads/Backups
[ ] Culture clash between people who back up and people who don't
[ ] Blowing your head off with a plasma blaster
[ ] Direct neural interfaces
[ ] >3-dimensional GUIs while jacked in
[ ] Humans getting computer viruses
[ ] A galaxy-spanning web of teleportation gates/portals
[ ] Getting irradiated while retrieving a priceless artifact

course for tv or moives it would be a much shorter list....

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