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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Boolean Logic : George Boole's The Laws of Thought published 150 years ago.

The Globe and Mail has a piece about the man behind Boolean Logic : George Boole : The Isaac Newton of logic

It was 150 years ago that George Boole published his classic The Laws of Thought, in which he outlined concepts that form the underpinnings of the modern high-speed computer. SIOBHAN ROBERTS chronicles the man and his method

Here's the Wikipedia entry on Mr Boole

I've cross posted this on SlashDot. I've been able to cull 23 factiods from the resulting Slash-trolling :
  1. George Boole tutored Ada Lovelace,one of the earliest programmers / pioneers of computer science.
  2. Boole's book is available from, although not (yet) as part of Project Gutenberg (maybe soon?).

  3. the first bug report by Grace Hopper, 1945 :, or

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