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Friday, October 24, 2003

Top 10 Reasons to Learn CSS

Nick also linked to Christopher Schmitt's 10 reasons to learn CSS

  1. Build from the ground up to replace traditional Web design methods.
  2. Faster download times. (No more FONT tags )
  3. Shorter development time. (No more FONT tags, cleaner pages, easier to change when the !@%! client decides they what blue no red no green text)
  4. Greater control over the typography in a Web page. (About as good as its going to get on the web)
  5. It's easy to write. (No more FONT tags)
  6. Improvements in accessibility.
  7. Print designs as well as Web page designs
  8. Better control over the placement of elements in Web page. (About as good as its going to get on the web)
  9. The design of Web pages is separated from the content. (No more FONT tags)
  10. Better search engine rankings.

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